We take care of nature

In respect to the right of the future generations of viable and healthy environment, CEZ GROUP aims to provide for sustainable growth. The management of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD considers as its priority the securing of a dynamic balance between the social and economic interests on one side and the need to protect the environment for the future generations on the other.

The main principles of the environmental policy of CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD within the context of the activities of the company are:

  • Conformity with the related provisions of  the environmental law of Bulgaria and the European Union as well as with corporate needs of CEZ Group, effective management of the environmental activities pursuant to the requirements specified in the international standards ISO14001; 2004 and application of the good practices in the sphere of power engineering;
  • Prevention from pollution of the environment;
  • Continuous improvement of the system and the mechanisms of environmental management;
  • Management of the main activities of the company in line with the aspects of the environment protection and risk assessment of their effect.

In this respect a special attention is paid to the work sites in Sofia, Pleven, Lovech, Montana, Vidin, Pernik, Kyustendil, Radomr, Blagoevgrad regarding the implementation of the approved programs for environmental protection and waste management.

To minimize the harmful effect of oil-filled equipment on the environment the power transformers MV/0,4 кV are being replaced with new ones.

  • Application of the existing techniques and practices to provide for the reasonable use of the natural resources in order to reduce, limit and prevent from the risk of environmental pollution.
  • Formulation and taking of due precautions for environmental safety at the work site.
  • A state-financed Program for Elimination of the Environmental Damage Caused prior to the Privatization is being implemented at sites in the regions Pleven and Sofia as well as a Program for Conformity of the Activity to the Provisions of the Environmental Law.
  • The two programs are being implemented under state supervision and control of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, the Ministry of Finance and the Post-Privatisation Control Agency.
  • We have been doing our best to increase the environmental culture of our staff;
  • We have been in open and constructive relations with all parties concerned.