Human Resources

Management and staff

CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD

The company has a two-tier management system  –  Management Board and Supervisory Board.

Members of the Management Board:

Petr Holakovský – Chairman of the Management Board

Viktor Stanchev – Мember of the Management Board

Dušan Ryban – Мember of the Management Board

The company is represented by any two members of the Management Board together.

Members of the Supervisory Board:

Jaroslav Macek – Chairman of the Supervisory Board

David Machač – Vice - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Karel Kohout  – Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomáš Pivoňka – Member of the Supervisory Board

Apostol Lachezarov Apostolov- Member of the Supervisory Board

Tihomir Angelov Atanasov- Member of the Supervisory Board

The members of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board are experts with rich experience in working for international companies and in managing of international projects in Bulgaria. Their priorities are in line with the main goal of CEZ – to become a leader on the electricity market of Central and South-Eastern Europe. Their efforts are focused at the improvement of the financial and the economic efficiency of the company under the new market-oriented conditions. They are also dedicated to make a considerable reduction of the losses resulting to the company’s operating on the liberalized market. The company policy is to provide every employee with opportunities for professional and career growth, independently of age, sex, origin, political or religious beliefs or physical disability. The management of the company strives for providing the staff with challenges that require creative approach as well as with stable work environment in which everyone is awarded pursuant to his or her achievements and contribution to the success of the company. A praise and award system for achieved high results following attestation of the employees at the end of each quarter has been developed. Training is conducted in the company in the following areas: higher qualification courses, support in self-education through providing for specialized materials, basic technical literacy, training related to the introduction of innovations, training related to customer service and specialized training for the management team. Sports activities are intentionally and intensively being developed as incentive. Motivation for engagement with the objectives of the company and the employees are provided with preventive medical care. The social benefits have been agreed on between the employer and the trade unions functioning at the company and cover safety at work, additional paid leave and incentive pay, social development and support, sports activities. All employees and workers are entitled to these benefits.