Annual maintenance of energy facilities

CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD offers its clients subscription technical service and operation of electricity facilities. The service comprises:

  • Carrying out visits, observations and inspections – in case of failures;
  • Facility prophylaxis;
  • Measurement of earthing contours;
  • Remedy of breakdowns and interferences;
  • Rendering safe workplace;
  • Information center service – receiving warnings for failures and information – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week;
  • Facility prophylaxis is performed according to mutually agreed upon preliminary schedule and in general it comprises facility cleaning, inspection of contact joints, oil-filled facilities’ transformation oil level check, check for the presence of warning signs and labels, breaker regulation, inspection of current-carrying parts, etc.

Note: the service does not include: overhauls, modernization and reconstruction of facilities; carrying out construction and assembly works in architecture and construction parts, such as putties, ground coats, hydro insulations, etc., as well as subscription service due to modifications of equipment and facilities that have not been approved by the company and due to force majeure; the service does not include supply and use of materials for the facilities;

This service is intended for

  • Companies that have their own energy facilties

You should choose CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD because...

  • We offer 24 hours service
  • Work teams and equipment are available on the whole territory of Western Bulgaria
  • We have employees with long-term expertise in energy

You can see the price of the service here.

For more information and to apply for the service, please visit our Customer Service Center or contact us on phone 0700 10 010.