Change of capacity

Connection of customer’s and manufacturer’s sites to the distribution electric network of "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD is carried out under the conditions of Ordinance № 6/24.02.2014 on connection of producers and customers of electricity to the transmission or distribution electrical networks - effective as from 04.04.2014

Each customer (household or non-household) who wishes to change the joined power of the site passes through the following stages:

Stage I. Applying for carrying out the service "Request to study the conditions for connection of a site to the electric network"

For the study of the conditions for connection of a site to the electric network, the person requesting the connection submits a written request in the Center for Customer Service of "CEZ Bulgaria" EAD. The request shall be accompanied by copies of the documents specified in the form:

  1.  the exact address and purpose of the site;
  2.  the reason for the request for power changing;
  3.  the number of future customers;
  4.  provided power;
  5.  the number of phases;
  6.  the number of independent sources of electricity supply of the site to be connected in accordance with the requirements for connection, the person to be connected for the category of provision of electricity supply;
  7.  the term for commissioning of the facility and of the stages, if introduced gradually;
  8.  exact address for correspondence;
  9.  type of the receivers of electricity, including those that may cause unacceptable degradation of performance quality of electricity supplied to other customers;

At the request submission under p. 1 is paid a price for carrying out research work on the external power supply, according to the approved Price list of services performed by the Company.

* Deadline for execution of the service - 30 calendar days (excluding power supply of movable sites under the Law on Spatial Planning) and starts from the date of payment for the service.

If the documents are incomplete or don’t meet the requirements of Ordinance № 6/24.02.2014 on connecting producers and customers of electricity to the electric transmission or distribution networks, "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD shall notify by written the person who filed the request within 14 days from the date of submission, in order to remove the deficiencies found within 30 day term, and may request additional information about the characteristics of the site to be connected.

When the person who has submitted the request fails to remedy the deficiencies and discrepancies in the documents or does not provide in addition the necessary documents and information within 30 days, the procedure for connecting the site is terminated and to start a new one, a new request to study the conditions for connection has to be submitted with payment of a new price for the service.

Stage II. Conditions of joining

Up to 30 calendar days from the date of the request for study and payment of the price, "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD prepares and proposes to the persons a preliminary contract or statement of the conditions for joining the site.

* It is recommended that an application for concluding a final contract for joining be submitted immediately after obtaining permission to build of the site to be connected, issued by the competent authority according to the category of construction.

Stage III. Order of concluding the contract for joining (final):

The person who has declared the change of the power, has to submit in the Center for Customer Service written request for concluding a contract for joining according to a form, enclosing copies of the documents indicated in the form.

* It is not required to provide a detailed design in the part commercial measurement to the documents for signing of the contract for joining, when in the opinion/preliminary contract is specified the number and the type of the devices for commercial measurement or is described clearly and accurately the measuring group, including all instructions relating to a customer with one device of measurement.

* The application for conclusion of the contract for joining is submitted by a person who:

  • has an issued Authorization for new construction or reconstruction of an existing site by the competent authority under the Law on Spatial Planning or has an issued Certificate for tolerable construction (in the cases of an existing but non connected site);
  • has submitted for coordination the necessary detailed designs of the site;
  • has signed a preliminary contract for connection or an issued opinion on the conditions of joining (in the term of their one year validity);

Within one month of the submission of the request to conclude the contract for joining, "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD:

  • Makes a written invitation for stipulation of the contract for joining to the person who has submitted the request;
  • Prepares the contract;
  • Coordinates the presented parts of the detailed designs of the electrical installations and equipment of the site to be connected;

When, within one year from the conclusion of the preliminary contract or the issuance of the opinion on the conditions of joining, a procedure to conclude the contract for joining has not started, the joining procedure is terminated and for the start of a new one has to be submitted another request to study the conditions of joining with payment of a new price for the service.

 * The Contract for joining can be concluded also with a person who is the holder of property right or other real or obligation right to use the site for which the other person has a signed preliminary agreement for joining or written statement about the conditions for joining.

For the joining of the site to the distribution electric network, the person, who has stipulated the contract for joining, shall pay a price for joining in accordance with Ordinance № 1/18.03.2013 on regulation of the prices of electricity / in force from 05.04.2013 / and Decision № C-002/29.03.2002 of the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation in a manner and within the term limits set out in the Contract for joining.


Prices for connection of user’s sites to the electricity transmission network


Group of users


Joined power (kW)


For a length of the supply route up to 25 m (BGN)

For one additional meter length of power supply route over 25 meters (BGN/m)


up to 6


not due


from 7 to 15


not due


from 16 to 50

2 316



from 51 to 100

5 880



from 101 to 200

9 600



from 201 to 400

21 360



over 400

Individual design


* For sites located in areas beyond regulation of settlements and sites with stated capacity over 400 kW, connection price is based on actual costs incurred in the construction of connecting electrical equipment with individual design.

* Prices for connection of sites of customers in groups from III to VI contain a fixed and a variable component depending on the point of supply and the length of electrical wiring line. Prices for connection of sites of customers in groups I and II contain only a constant component.

* In the cases of power reduction connection fee is not due

The payment of the fixed component of the connection price, specified in the contract for joining, is within five days from the date of signing of the contract for joining.

Stage IV. Designing and construction of the electrical equipment

The construction and commissioning of the connection facilities is carried out by "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD within the agreed deadlines and stages pursuant to art. 21, para 4 of Ordinance №6.

"CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD starts the construction of the facilities for joining after:

  • payment by the customer of the specified in the contract price for joining.
  • issuing authorization for their construction.
  • establishing the right to build and servitude right by the property owner;

After preparation of the executive documentation, according to which is determined the length of power cables supplying the site and the amount of the payable variable component of connection price, "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD offers the joining person an agreement to the contract for joining, according to the terms of which the person requesting the joining pays the variable component of the connection price.

Stage V. Submission of application for sale of electricity.

The submission of an application for sale of electricity is done after the issuance a written confirmation (certificate) by "CEZ Distribution Bulgaria" AD for readiness of the connection facilities and the site to be joined and after payment of the variable component under the contract for joining (if any).

If the site is registered on the regulated electricity market with supplier "CEZ Electro Bulgaria" AD - End supplier or Provider of last resort, the customer shall submit to the Center for customer service a new "Application for concluding a contract/agreement for sale of electric energy for non-household needs" or "Application for sale of electricity for domestic use" with the end supplier or Provider of last resort - "CEZ Electro Bulgaria" AD - with the changed power of the site.

If the site is registered on the free electricity market and as a result of the changed power is changed also the way of measurement of electric power - from profile measuring to measuring with a standardized load profile or vice versa, it is necessary to draw up a new contract for access to the electricity distribution network, that has to be signed by the customer. The application for the sale of electricity for household or non-household needs with supplier "CEZ Electro Bulgaria" AD is submitted under approved forms, which are accompanied by the copies of the documents specified in them.

Stage VI. Effective connection of facilities of customers to the electricity distribution network and placing under voltage of the connection facilities

Electrical equipment to be joined are placed under voltage up to the property boundary within 7 days of submission of the application for sale of electricity and in the presence of:

  • document for commissioning of the site to be joined, issued under the terms and conditions of the Low on Spatial Planning;
  • declaration of the customer according to his electrical installations with the safety requirements and technical standards;
  • signed contract for the sale of electricity with the end supplier (for the regulated market) or with a retailer of electricity (for the free market).