Relocation of facility

An existing power facility that is part of the electricity distribution network within the license territory of CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD may be shifted pursuant to the terms and conditions of article 64, paragraph 5 and/or article 73, paragraph 1 of the Spatial Development Act

In case the location or structure of a power facility needs to be changed with view of the construction of a facility, the respective works should be performed by and at the expense of the investor who should go under the following stages:

The client submits in CEZ Bulgaria EAD customer service center a request for issue of instructions for shifting. The following documents should be enclosed to the request:

    • Title document for the property
    • Facility’s design permit
    • Plan and/or Preliminary contract for joining
    • Opinion – to be enclosed in case the client has submitted a request for study and joining in advance and has received the opinion of CEZ Razpredelenie specifying the availability of the power facility and the need to be shifted.

CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD issues an opinion with instructions for shifting of the power facility within 30 days.

The client prepares and submits in a customer service center technical design for approval, according to the instructions of the electricity distribution company. The time period for approval by CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria is 14 days.

*In case the prepared technical design does not correspond to the instructions, CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria refuses to approve the design until the elimination of any irregularities found.

Upon approval of the design, the client needs to submit a request for entering into contract for assignment of the shifting under article 73, paragraph 1 of the Spatial Development Act and encloses the already approved design.

Within 30 days, CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria submits the contract for assignment of the shifting of the power facility for signature by the client. Upon signing the contract by the two parties, the investor should settle all required property rights (right to construction, easement) in relation to the new location of the power facilities. To this end, the investor submits an application for establishment of the required property rights in favour of CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD. Rights are settled by means of notary deed or contract (for municipality- and state-owned properties). You can find more information about property rights here (link to Property Rights Settlement Subsection),Upon settling the required property rights, the investor files an application to the respective municipal administration for the issue of construction permit and an application (form) for signing of protocol for opening of construction line which puts the beginning of the construction and assembly works. 

In the construction permit CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria should be specified as a client of the construction within the meaning of article 161 and article 182 of the Spatial Development Act with view of its established property rights /right to construction, easements/.

*All dismantled facilities should be delivered to a warehouse of CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria and the respective handover protocol should be signed.

During the construction of the facilities, the investor files in a customer service center a request for internal acceptance commission before Act 15. In case all documents are submitted and there are no comments, an acceptance commission is nominated within 15 days and the client should be notified about the day and time of its meeting. The meeting of the acceptance commission should be attended by a representative of the client and of the company that has performed the construction and assembly works.

Act 15 and a copy of the protocol for the accepted facility should be submitted to a customer service center.

Upon commissioning of the facilities and upon issue of permission for use by the competent authority /National Construction Surveillance Directorate/, the investor files in CEZ Bulgaria customer service center a request for issue of order for turning power facilities on.