External connection

CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD provides a wide range of external electricity supply and diagnostics services, which is regularly enhanced with new services in order to ensure maximum convenience to all of our clients. Some of the services are related to the operation, repairs and maintenance of MV and LV networks and comprise: 

  • visits and technical consultations
  • replacement and repairs of insulators and breakers
  • installation of pillars and connecting cable branches
  • installation of street lighting fixtures, etc.

Services are intended for

  • Companies that have their own energy facilities (cables, power substations)
  • Private persons who want to develop external electricity supply between the trade metering device and a site

You should choose CEZ Razpredelenie Bulgaria AD because...

  • We use modern diagnostic equipment, thermovision chambers and ultrasound detector for quicker localization of failures and preventive maintenance of electric facilities
  • Our teams comprise well-proved professionals with long-term experience
  • We offer competitive prices
  • We work within short time periods

We have work teams and equipment in the following cities...

Professional work teams and equipment are available on the whole territory of Western Bulgaria:

  • city of Sofia
  • district of Sofia
  • city of Vratsa
  • city of Montana
  • city of Vidin
  • city of Pernik
  • city of Blagoevgrad
  • city of Pleven
  • city of Lovech
  • small towns and villages within the region

You can find a full list of offered services and prices here. In case you have any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to visit the closest Customer Service Center where you will be offered a competent solution at competitive price, or contact us on phone 0700 10 010.