Here you will find the answers to most of your questions

Who is to set the timers of the electricity meters when time is shifted forward?

The switch timers of the electricity meters cannot be set manually. In the winter period the night rate is applied for the period from 22:00 hrs till 07:00 hrs. In summer it is applied for the period from 23:00 hrs to 07:00 hrs due to the shift forward to daylight saving time. The time limits of the night rate have been set as from 01.04.2002 by a decision of the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission: Decision №Ц 002. If you find out that your timer has stuck and the electricity meter does not apply electricity rate, you can contact us on our 24/7 information line 0700 10 010 or in the nearest Customer Service Centre.

How to ask for a check of my electricity meter? I think my bill is too high compared to the electricity actually consumed.

There are three types of checking of electricity meters: checking with a calibrator, checking without a calibrator and an independent examination. The first two types are performed by electricity technicians from the company and the third one – by experts from the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology (BIM). To request checking of the electricity meter you have to submit a written request to a Customer Service Centre. It is necessary to know that bills are adjusted only after an independent examination.

Our employees have to appoint a date and time of the checking, at which you can be present.  For the purpose of independent examination your electricity meter will be disconnected from the mains and will be sent to BIM. You will be informed about the results from the examination on paper within one month period. The service is paid according to the approved price list.

Prior to requesting a checking of the precision of your electricity meter we recommend you to check the reading of your electricity meter and to collate it with the latest information you have received with the monthly invoice about consumed electricity. CEZ Distribution Bulgaria is one of the few utility companies that provide you with 24-hour access to the commercial metering device so that you have not only the right but also the opportunity to control both your consumption and the way your electricity meter is read. If you have recorded less consumed electricity than the billed amount, it means that the electricity meter was not properly read or a mistake was made while entering the data. In this case it is necessary to submit a request to the nearest Customer Service Centre. If you have already paid the bill the account holder will be refunded the overpaid amount by bank transfer or in cash. If you have not paid your bill yet, on the very next day you will be asked by the cashier to pay the adjusted amount only.

 What to do if I think that my neighbor misuses my electricity meter and steals electricity?

In case of misuse of an electricity meter by another party, we recommend the customer to contact the police and to make a complaint. The policy will either contact one of our teams or an independent private engineering company to check the electric wiring of the building. This checking will be supported by a statement of findings. Only this procedure can guarantee the legal conformity of the document and of the assertion of misuse.  

The electricity company is not legally responsible for the electric wiring of the facilities of its customers, since this is private property. We would like to note, that the electricity distribution company cannot take sides in disputes between private persons.

 Is electricity theft a common phenomenon and what actions are taken in such a case?

Electricity thefts are a serious problem not only for the company but as well for our correct customers and the society as they are they are temporarily worsening the quality of an important service such as the electricity supply is.

CEZ has established practice how to prevent and limit electricity thefts. The company is conducting regular monthly analysis of the technological losses of the regional units so as to define the areas with highest losses. Based on results from this analysis we make checks on site and seek for proper solutions.

CEZ Distribution Bulgaria appeals for intolerance to actions that rob the customers and disturb the normal rhythm of life of many households. 

To report electricity theft you can use our 24/7 information line 0700 10 010, at the price of a standard call on the territory of Western Bulgaria.

The company is calling for a wider discussion of the issue with all concerned state institutions and the other utility companies so as to find a long-term solution to the problem.

What is the procedure for replacement of the old electricity meters with new ones?

CEZ Distribution Bulgaria is sticking to the requirements of the Law for measuring and is replacing the metering devices of which the certification has expired with used devices that have undergone check or with new devices that are certified. This is a routine activity that the company is doing in large scale. Because of the large number of customers connected to its grid – over 2 million, the company is replacing some 30 000 electricity meters each month.

The period for replacement and following check of electricity meters is 6 years for single-phase meters and 4 years for three-phase meters. This period is defined by the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS). After the replacement the removed electricity meters are checked in SAMTS laboratory. Following that check they could be used for another 6/4 year period.

The procedure for planned replacement of the old electricity meters with new modern ones in the housing complexes or plots is as follows:

  1. A date for the replacement is agreed in advance with the client, a housekeeper or the mayor of the village.
  2. An announcement is put at public and visible places giving information about the date at which the electricity meters will be replaced. The clients are informed for the period of time this replacement would happen and that a temporary power cut would happen.
  3. No later than 48 hours prior to the replacement information about it is published in three national coverage media and on the corporate website of CEZ.
  4. The electricians replace the electricity meters on the set date. When replacing an electricity meter they record the data from the old one and the data from the new one. The readings are entered in a protocol. The protocol should be signed by the customer or his/her representative.   When at the replacement are present only witnesses the protocol is sent to the client with a receipt.
  5. To guarantee the correctness of the data during the replacement the readings of the electricity meters (both the old one and the new) are pictured with a portable terminal. The information is stored by the company and could be used for verification in case of need.

I was disconnected without prior notice. Why?

In your monthly bill for delivered electricity there is a deadline for payment and a date after which your electricity supply will be terminated in case the bill is not paid. You are expected to observe the specified deadlines.

I was disconnected for an outstanding bill. I have already settled it but I still have no electricity supply?

In such cases you have to pay a connection fee. You can do it at one of our Customer Centres or cash desks.

I have paid my bill but the current is off?

The most common reason for power cut is the overload of the mains. There is an opening in the electricity board where the automated fuses are fitted.  If the fuse is off (in down position) it must be switched on again (i.e. to be put in up position). You can do this yourself.

If after you have done this the electricity is still off, please connect with us on our 24/7 information line 0700 10 010.

What does ITN mean?

This is your unique customer number. It consists of 12 digits and is used for identification. It is needed in all cases when you want to make an inquiry or subscribe for a service, as well as when you pay your monthly bill.

How can I get informed about the time of the next reading of my electricity meter and about the deadline for payment of the amount due?

Every customer can get information about the period for reading of his or her electricity meter and the deadline for payment of the amount due using one of the following ways:

  • by consulting the bill for the amount due for supplied electricity
  • at the nearest Customer Service Centre of your electricity supplier
  • by sending an e-mail to :zaklienta@cez.bg
  • by calling the 24/7 information line 0700 10 010.

*All you need is just to give your ITN number!